Welcome to the Matrix Ham Radio Space

We are an enthusiastic, active online Amateur Radio community discussing, sharing and experimenting with topics related to the hobby. We welcome everyone from around the world to join, converse, and share in the community. There are a variety of rooms on different topics with several nets held weekly across different frequencies and modes.

To join the community simply follow this link: ham-radio-space:matrix.m0aws.co.uk

On Air Nets

Matrix QO-100 Roundtable Net at 15:30 UTC every Sunday on Freq: 10489.873+/- Listen Online on BATC

60m Band Roundtable Net at 07:00 (UTC) every Sunday on 5.3985 Mhz USB

Digital Bridge

(Digital Bridge Net day/time to be confirmed)

Matrix Help

Joining instructions

  1. Follow the link to add the server to your client.
  2. Set your display name to Name - Callsign or Name - SWL if you are unlicensed.
    Use /nick to set your display name. You can also use /myroomnick to set per room.


Respect and Courtesy

Treat all members with respect and kindness. Bullying, harassment, or any form of personal attack will not be tolerated.

Language Use

Strong language, including profanity, is strictly prohibited. English is the primary language for all rooms, except for designated language-related rooms.

Appropriate Topics

Discussions on sex, politics, and religion are not allowed in any rooms. Stick to the topic of the room you are in. Off-topic discussions should be taken to the appropriate room.

Safe and Inclusive Environment

Any form of hate speech, discrimination, or offensive content is not allowed. Be inclusive and considerate of different perspectives and backgrounds.

Spam and Advertising

Spamming, including repeated messages or advertisements, is not allowed. Do not post links for advertisements without prior permission from the moderators.

Content Sharing

Sharing of explicit, violent, or illegal content is strictly prohibited. Respect copyright and intellectual property laws when sharing content.

Moderation and Compliance

Follow the instructions of moderators and admins at all times. Admin, Moderator decisions are final. Any attempts to evade bans or restrictions will result in permanent removal from the server.

Username and Profile

Please set your display name to be your name followed by callsign. If you don't have a callsign use SWL, e.g. Mike - M0AWS or Mike - SWL. This is an amateur radio group and, like qrz.com etc., value comes from sharing our callsigns, to understand location and level. Failure to do so will result in removal. Profile pictures must be appropriate and non-offensive. Impersonating other users, moderators, or public figures is not allowed.


Bot owners should request permission from the admin, Mike M0AWS, before the bots join the server. Once approved, bots should be identifiable at all times, e.g. Bot in the name.

Conflict Resolution

If you have a dispute with another member, seek help from a moderator instead of escalating the conflict. Constructive criticism is welcome, but keep it respectful and relevant.

Useful Links