80m Delta Loop

This 80m Delta Loop was my main DXing antenna when I lived in France (F5VKM). Like the 30m model, it’s super quiet on receive and superb for those late night/early morning DX contacts whether you’re using SSB, CW or your favourite digital mode.

80m Delta Loop

This is a fairly big antenna and needs quite a bit of space to erect, but if you’ve got the room then I highly recommend you give it a try.

Wire 1 (Horizontal Wire) as shown above is exactly 40m long and precisely 1m above the ground. Wires 2 & 3 are 23.3238m long with the peak being 13m above the ground.

The antenna is fed via the bottom corner using a 1:1 balun, this will give a great SWR curve and provide a properly balanced feed to the antenna. If you really have to you can feed it directly with coax but, I do recommend you use the 1:1 balun to get the best performance.

I have also tried using an SGC Automatic tuner instead of the balun so that I can use the antenna anywhere on the 80m band, it worked surprisingly well so, if you have an automatic tuner you could utilise it to broadband this antenna.

80m Delta Loop SWR Plot

By varying the length of the wire you can move the SWR low point up and down the band to suit your needs.

The antenna gives 2.18dbi gain at 25 deg, not a huge amount of gain but, being so quiet on receive it often gives you the advantage when working weak signal stations. Having the deep null in the middle you won’t hear any local stations at all on this antenna, it really is an antenna for DXing.

80m Delta Loop Elevation Field Plot

Both the Azimuth and 3D field plots show that the antenna radiates mainly through the loop so, it’s important to orientate it in the direction of those elusive DX stations that you’re hunting.

80m Delta Loop Azimuth Field Plot
80m Delta Loop 3D Field Plot


Total Wire Length: 86.6476m
Horizontal Wire Length: 40m @ 1m above ground
Diagonal Wire Lengths: 23.3238m
Wire Dia: 2.5mm
Height at Centre: 13m
Feed Type: 1:1 Balun in bottom corner (Can use coax if necessary or automatic tuner)
Impedance: 50 Ohm
SWR: <1.5:1