10M Delta Loop

This is a 10m band delta loop design that I’ve put together as requested by a member of the Wire Antennas for HF group on Facebook.

The 10m band delta loop follows exactly the same design principles as all the other delta loop designs I’ve already put on the website. They are designed such that they present a 50 ohm impedance at the feed point and thus have no requirement for complex impedance matching circuits/transformers.

10m Band Delta Loop Antenna Wire View

The dimensions for the antenna are as follows:

Wire 1 – Horizontal exactly 1m above the ground for its entire 5m length.
Wires 2 & 3 are exactly 3.2m long each with the top being 3m above the ground.

10m Band Delta Loop 3D Far Field Plot

The 3D far field plot shows a typical delta loop radiation pattern with the maximum radiation through the loop and a deep null in the centre.

10m Band Delta Loop 2D Far Field Elevation Plot

The 2D elevation plot shows that the antenna will give a maximum gain of 6.4dBi at 10 degrees, ideal for chasing those elusive DX stations.

The SWR plot shows that the antenna will have a fairly wide bandwidth and match to 50 ohm coax extremely well. The antenna is designed to be fed in one of the lower corners via a 1:1 balun for best results.

10m Band Delta Loop Antenna SWR curve


Total Wire Length: 11.4m
Horizontal Wire Length: 5m @ 1m above ground
Diagonal Wire Lengths: 3.2m
Wire Dia: 2.5mm
Height at Centre: 3m
Feed Type: 1:1 Balun in bottom corner (Can use coax if necessary)
Impedance: 50 Ohm
SWR: <1.5:1 at resonance